Welcome to Shoot 'm Up!

Hi, and welcome to the official website of Shoot 'm Up.

What is Shoot 'm Up?
Shoot 'm Up is a Free Topdown Multiplayer Shooter. That means, you can download this awesome game for free!
Its developed by Rob Quist, from DukeSoft.
See the About tab for more info, screenshots and movies.

Play with friends!
You can freely download this game from the download section, and when you start the game you can setup your player, change the clothing and your name. Join any server you would like the join, and have fun!

Game not working? Click here for help, problem solutions and whatever!
Check Support for the system requirements.

Kill each other using an infinate number of weapons!
Since the weapons are set up server-side, there are unlimited kinds of weapons. From rocket-launchers to pistols, to SubMachineGuns and huge machineguns. Use snipers to kill people from a distance or double wield your Uzi and own them in a split second!

Server-sided maps
Servers can load their own selected maps to play. You can make your own maps using the level editor (download) and you can share them with other people on the forums.

Different kinds of game modes!
Play a deathmatch, shoot anything that moves, or choose for CTF, capture the flag! You can also play a team-deathmatch, and many other modes are still to come!

Its small and easy!
Download the game (less than 20MB) and install it (you can even install it on a USB Flash disc and play it at school! When you press the esc-key 4 times the game will be shut down completely, so if a teacher comes for you, press esc 4 times and you're safe.

Cool effects
Exploding grenades, exploding players, blood, richets, lightning, rain, snow, water, exploding stuff, guts, shells, lead and dead bodies. What more can you desire?

Make your own server!
You can also download your own server in the download section. This way you can host your own selected maps, your own settings and even your own weaponmods! Check out the forums for more add-ons, maps, and weapon mods.

Weapons fully modable!
Every server can set up their own weapon list. Make brutal grenade-spamming shotguns, or a sniper-pistol. The heck, make a mortar-shotgun-minigun =D!

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